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Thread: New A4 b8.5

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    New A4 b8.5

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    I just picked up my first Audi. It's a 14' B8.5 A4 w/33k miles on it, and drives AMAZING. I come from the world of Evos and STI's, so this is like learning a new language it seems lol.

    Anyways - I wanted to do some upgrades, but nothing crazy.

    35% tint
    Stage 1 APR tune
    H&R Springs
    Koni Yellow strut/shocks
    Vag-com/OBD 11/APR Dongle
    19" wheels (very much undecided on which one I like most)

    My main questions right now are...

    1) The APR stage 1 tune has four different levels (91, 93, 100, e85). Does the purchase of the tune give all four levels? I ask because I want to typically run the 93 octane tune, but have the ability to switch to e85 when I want a little more power. If I am able to switch between the tunes what type of hardware is needed (similar to the Cobb AP for STI/Evos)?

    2) I'm not sure which method I should use to plug into the ECU for diagnostic, and to unlock some of the hidden OEM settings (windows open/close with keypad, DRL's staying on with turn signal, etc). OBD 11 is by far the least expensive, but you have to pay credits to unlock some of the short cuts to program the ECU. APR dongle looks like it is similar to OBD 11, but no pay to use type features. Vag-com looks like it is similar cost to the APR dongle, but doesn't seem like it has a user friendly UI. I don't plan on tinkering with my ECU much if that matters. Just initially turn on some of the hidden features I already mentioned then it's just going to become a diagnostic tool after that.

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    I believe you pay extra for program switching with the dongle. You can get the 93 tune and it Will automatically switch to the e85tune when e85 is in the car. No need to change the tune if you’re going from 93 to e85 and vice versa

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    We had a Brilliant Red B8 (2009) -- what a beautiful color -- I miss it (the Monsoon Grey Metallic is nice, but too vanilla in the sea of other grey/silver/black/white exteriors).

    I have the Carista dongle & app (android) -- useful for pulling codes, resetting service reminders, enabling the hidden green menu, and many (simple) customizations.
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    Looks good
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    Another brilliant red A4! It’s a miracle! I don’t miss mine being stock though lol

    1) APR tune only comes with one map. If you buy the “fully-loaded” add on, you can add as many maps and a plethora of options. If your car is E85 compatible however, you have automatic fuel blending so you don’t need an E85 map. If you do get program switching, you just use the cruise control stalk

    2) Vag-com is best

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    Congrats on the new ride and welcome to the world of Audis lol.

    1) Can't speak for APR, but with their program switching you can switch using the cruise control stalk (correct me if I'm wrong) depending on which programs you have access to. Also if you drive a 6mt E85 isn't for you.

    2) I also agree that Vag-Com is best. Connect to your laptop and pretty much do everything from fault code scanning to unlocking hidden features. Lots of guides floating around on how to do certain things too if you're interested.

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    Thanks everyone for the help.

    My A4 is auto, and has e85 on the gas door as one of the types of fuel I can use, so I'm good on that front. I'll just go with the 93 octane map since it'll adjust when I use e85.

    Looks like I will go the vag-com route over the other options.


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