Hey guys, first real post here. Over the past year, Iíve built my A5 from the ground up. Built bottom end with IE rods, JE pistons, IE FDS intercooler, catless downpipe, Pag parts v-band manifold, EFR 7163 turbo, Nostrum kinetic direct injectors, Autotech HPFP upgrade, stage 3 clutch to hold it all.. probably more that Iím forgetting. Injectors and HPFP are the most recent install, up to that point Iíve tuned it myself using Eurodyne Maestro. This program is pretty incomplete and undeveloped on the b8 platform, had some bugs and eventually couldnít make any more progress with this program. Iíve now tried 2 e-tuners, one was unable to tune for the nostrum injectors and the second one just wrapped up tuning it today. They dialed in the injectors but it still runs pretty rich. Timing is all over the map and generally much too retarded causing a lack of power and some drivability issues. The tune doesnít seem complete and is really sort of a disappointment. Iím really looking for anybody that could tune this build, over the air e-tuner would be great but I really need to find someone that can take this in depth of a custom tune on. Nearly every tuner has turned the project away, so if anybody knows of someone that might be able to help, thatíd be a life saver right now after being through 3 different tuners/programs and a year of driving it at partial potential. Iíve seen tons of big turbo B8s fizzle out at the tuning faze, Iím hoping one of you can help change that for this build!

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