This allows for the headlight autoleveling to continue to work as it did before pulling the harness to the suspension module.

I was talking with a buddy about his writeup on how to recode the allroad after going to coilovers. I was told that to get the login code I needed, I would need VAG commander and a different cable from the Ross Tech one I own. Since I didn't feel like getting another cable, I decided to use a trick I learned from a follower of mine on Instagram.

That pesky orange light....

I pulled the side panel after removing a few screws and back sill plate. This allowed for easier access to pull the harness from the suspension control module.

After removing the harness from the clip, I proceeded to find wires 17 and 49

I clipped them and tied them together. I taped things up so no shorts will happen and started the vehicle up

No suspension light and no CEL, either. Yay!

Although there is a code thrown when I check via VCDS, this does not cause the CEL to illuminate on the dash. The other drawback I learned is that ESP will re-engage above 40 MPH or something like that, if it was disabled. Still no fix to this as far as he knew.