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    APR Downpipe offer for MQB AWD....

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    This downpipes makes wonders folks. I had it on my S3 and I shaved 3 tenth of a second on the 1/4 mile and added 2.5mph on my traps. additionally it will give you a surge of midrange torque very noticeable and the spool up and throttle response is enhanced, the engine revs quicker.. On 91oct you will gain 21hp and 37lb-tq (it feels more than that in my opinion).

    I did the install myself (no help from anyone), I have a back back and took a few breaks and did the install in less a little over 2.5 hours.. I recommend you put the car on a lift or at least a foot from the ground. If you want more feedback from me just do a search on my username and look for :threads started by username... I documented the steps. Good luck and feel free to contact me on the PM.
    Ran 11.93@118.94 mph at 3100ft elevation running E-29 content as per fuel-it sensor (mixture of 2.5 gallons of ethanol E-80 +6.5 gallons of 91oct). No mods. DA of 4,829ft based on 56% humidity, 72.3F (the time of the run), 29.93 barometric pressure, relative density of 86.62%. NHRA corrected at sea level=11.631 @ 121.934 MPH


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