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    VeeDub's Carbon Cleaning, Lakewood

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    Hey everyone, I figured I'd introduce myself - aside from the two years of hanging out at Camp Allroad and such. After years of maintaining my MK6 GTI (and now my wifes Eos, and our B8.5 Allroad), I figured I'd open up "shop" and offer a specialized service and other light maintenance in my garage.

    After being plagued with and paying $$$ at dealerships and indy shops for carbon buildup in my MK6, I not only realized how much this affects everyone of us with direct injection, but realized that there needs to be a cost effective provider for having this service (& others) done.

    So, I opened up my own 'shop'. My goal is to not become the next big VW or Audi service center, I already have a full time job that I love, (I maintain dialysis machines in my real life). I just enjoy doing maintenance on our Audi and VW cars. I figured I can offer my talent and help out my community, while building up friendships with fellow Audi and VW owners.

    We've all invested in high quality and amazingly fun cars, let me help you keep it putting the smile on your face, I feel it shouldn't cost a fortune to maintain 'em!

    I really specalize in media blasting carbon cleanings, but can also do regular maintenance; filters, spark plugs, brakes, driveline services, fluid changes (oil, trans, DSG, ZF8, diff etc), belts, diagnostics etc, you get the idea.

    The TSI/FSI & TFSI carbon cleaning takes about 4-5 hours, drop it off or I can pickup Sat or Sunday AM & I'll have it back to ya in the afternoon.

    Also, if you just need help putting in your new exhaust, or parts purchased online, you can find it at VeeDub's, I'm reasonably priced for shop / lift usage and labor help. I'm available in the evenings and weekends and located in Lakewood, just off Kipling and Morrison Rd.

    Give me a call or text and we'll talk shop, let me know how I can be of service.

    Jeff "VeeDub" Van Wyk

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    VeeDub's Carbon Cleaning, Lakewood

    I cannot say enough good things about Jeff, very knowledgeable enthusiast.
    He slapped my Porsche Macan Brembos on my Allroad that arrived just 24 hours before CampAllroad. Felt great having them for the mountain drive.

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    I commend your services sir will have to be in touch!


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