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    RNS-E Ambitions Idea/Project for Bluetooth and Media Integration

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    Hi Everyone, so i got an RNS-E MK1 for my B6 A4. I was looking though all the available bluetooth and AUX options and I was disappointed to see there arent any solutions that give full control through the RNS-E. What I wanted was full phone integration into the RNS-E, so calls, phonebook, call logs through the RNS-E, and media integration through the RNS-E, so next/previous song, and song info in the RNS-E.

    The two most promising things I found was the Dension Gateway BT Pro, and the FISCON Handsfree Bluetooth "Basic Plus".

    Dension Gateway BT Pro
    Interfaces through CD changer connection, no real RNS-E integration
    Most full featured module, has bluetooth phone with contacts and call history, A2DP, and various other inputs
    Full DIS integration
    Stereo Audio
    No RNS-E integration

    FISCON Hansfree Bluetooth "Basic Plus"
    Interfaces through phone connection, no stereo audio, full phone integration on RNS-E
    Full DIS integration
    Full phone integration on RNS-E
    Mono music streaming
    Less inputs and features when compared to Dension

    Now from what I understand about the RNS-E MK1 is that it has no AMI/MMI interface, but it does have a CD changer interface and a Sat Radio interface. The CD changer interface is not capable of showing any song info. The Sat radio interface however, should be more feature rich, and capable of showing song info and maybe provide some basic navigation, like input switching and skip/previous. Ideally the system I come up with would interface with both the Nav interface and the phone interface.

    As for the unit capabilities, Ive seen on the Dension website that for systems have a more feature filled CAN connection the Gateway BT Pro can output all the info I want to the RNS-E and the DIS. The FISCON however I am less sure about. So the Dension from a functionality point of view should be able to do what I need, but we just need to figure out how to interface it properly with the RNS-E.

    In terms of setup, I was thinking of basing the system on the Dension unit. It would interface directly with the DIS. I would then intercept the CAN communications with a Raspberry PI and use that to translate the Dension outputs into something the RNS-E can work with on both the Telephone interface and the SAT radio interface.
    The reason I was thinking of using the Raspberry PI as the inbetween unit is I have seen a setup where someone used an Raspberry PI to interface with a RNS-E to get Android Auto running, he uses the video input on the RNS-E. He also intercepts CAN communications when you click buttons on the RNS-E and uses that to control the android auto setup. This lets me know that is possible to use the Raspberry PI to interface with the RNS-E and it can decode button clicks on the unit.

    So I have never attempted anything like this, and I know this will be very technically challenging, but I am pretty tech savvy, and stubborn as hell so I will figure this out. I have basic knowledge of Linux operating systems, and some of the backbone of how they work (I had a brief android modding phase). I am also unable to find a video of how the RNS-E Sat radio interface looks like and works so i can figure out if we can even make a usable UI from whats available, since I think its going to be limited by what options and menus are available on that interface. I also dont know anything really about CAN communications. So I have a insane amount of learning to do here, but I tend to dive into things without really knowing what I'm doing anyways.

    I realize its a bit insane, but it should be technically doable with some knowledge sharing and support. What does everyone think of this idea? Does anyone know if anything like this was attempted before? Does anyone have a good resource for where to start? Are there other modules out there that are closer to getting this done that i forgot about?

    Hopefully I didnt get any of my Info wrong, if I did, please correct me. I have been googling this stuff for like the last day or two and am by no means an expert at any of this.

    I apologize if this is long winded and rambling. I think this is the best section for this as compared to the telematics forum, but if I was wrong sorry, and can a MOD please move it to the right section.
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