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    2009 A3 ABS recall ended up with my dash lights on.

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    I took my 2009 A3 to Audi yesterday for the airbag recall. They told me there was an ABS control module recall as well, and i told them to take care of it. When i got the car back they told me they tried to repair the airbag module, but it faulted and threw the ABS light and this meant they needed to order a part.

    And then they gave the car back to me. And they told me the parts would arrive in a week or so and they would call me back to have them installed.
    In the mean time my dash looks like the attached picture.
    The Brake light flashes when i drive. The ABS light is always on. The Traction Control light is always on.

    Should they have given it back to me like this?

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    Thank you for reaching out and making me aware of this particular issue with your vehicle. I would like to reach out to the dealership and gather a bit more information to determine if this is within the normal range of operation. Do you mind sending over a private message with your VIN and full contact information? I appreciate the opportunity to research this for you.

    Kind regards,
    Vincenzo F.

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