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    Audi A6 2012 gearbox problem

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    Hello everyone.
    I have an Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TFSI 2012 with mulitronic gearbox.
    After about 2 years of countless trips to my local dealers for testing, diagnostic and more testing. I do not know what more to do. (Every trip to the dealer has been under warranty so far) I googled my ass of the last weeks, and I canít find the same exact problems.
    The problem with the mulitronic gearbox has been there for a while, I first started noticing it at about 90 000 km, the car is at 112000 km now.
    When I start the car, put it in reverse or drive and press the throttle only the RPM increases but the car does not move for 2-3 seconds, and then the RPM is up to about 1600 to 1800 RPM which means in either get wheel spin or jumping away from standstill, depending on which road type Iím on, and if there is any loose gravel left from winter.
    This happens almost every time the car I cold, but also, I can be in D, driving along just fine but when I stop to put it in R to go in to a parking space it will kick/jump in to reverse after a few seconds. (The car can have been driven for 5 minutes or 1 hour, it can happen at any time)

    Lately I have been experiencing another problem as well, but this is not the biggest problem.
    As far as I can remember its only when cold. When I experience it, the most Is at home, I put the car in R, and reverse out from my parking space (a very small downhill). When I put it in drive the car goes right away with a little high RPM (donít know the English word for it, but like a manual car you press the throttle and still holding the clutch rights at the connection point, so it moves), and after 4-5 meters the gearbox connect fully, and the car will spin if there is any loose gravel on the road, so it connect to hard to quickly, like you let go of the clutch on a manual too quickly.

    4 weeks ago, I got my car back from the dealer, after they had had It for almost 3 weeks. They had reconstructed the first problem I wrote about here, whit diagnostic computer connected, but canít see anything wrong. They have in cooperation with the Audi importer to Norway tested the car at different temperatures to see if that has anything to do with the problem and sent oil samples to the importer to test for metal I guess. But no luck.
    Before they gave the car back to me before the summer vacation now they tried to dismiss the case by saying I could just wait a few seconds before driving, and if they where to do any more it would be an oil change, thatís normally done at 120 000 km so not so long until I will do it anyway. And that this was considered normal service so i have to pay for it. But sense the problem has been there sense 90 000km I did not accept this and wrote an angry mail back to the dealer. Long story short I told them to change the oil and that I would pay for it IF it works, but if the problem is the same I will not pay for it. They accepted this and changed the oil. But this did not help either.
    Software update has also been tried, plus at two times they have tried to reset the gearbox to default so it can ďlearn how to drive againĒ
    Does anyone here know what could be wrong?
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