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    2016 A3 Sedan or 2013 A3 Hatch?

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    I'm in the market for a daily driver.

    I really like the A3 hatch but they appear to be rare with low miles and Quattro. Because of this, the ones that I find that have low miles(under 20K miles) tend to be around the $20,000 range and there aren't very many out there at all, especially in the color I want even though I am willing to travel for it.

    I narrowed my search to 2 cars:

    2013 A3 Quattro hatch in silver with 16k miles for $21,000(from a no-haggle dealership unfortunately). MPG: 21 City/ 28 HWY
    2016 A3 Quattro sedan in silver with 16k miles for $21,000. MPG: 24 City/33 HWY

    The sedan appears to be the better deal because it gets better gas mileage, it is 3 years younger and it still has 34,000 miles left on the warranty.
    The hatch has a 30 day warranty but it's the model I really want.

    Should I go with the better deal or the one I really want? input appreciated.

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    Having had both, I favor the A3 Sportback (the hatchback) for its beautiful design and for its utility. You won't regret it.
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    Personally, I love hatchbacks and wagons because of the practicality. For the A3, the hatchback basically doubles the cargo capacity, and if you fold the rear seats down you can fit much larger items. I just wish Audi would bring more hatchbacks/wagons to the US.

    Go for the one that you want the most, because it'll be worth it in the end.

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    Based on an query about rims for an A3 sportback, I take it you got that 2013 silver A3 you mention above? Post some pics. :)
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