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    A4 B6 tiptronic shifter problem

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    Hello all,

    I just got this Audi. It's A4 2004 1.8T FWD. It was drivable condition but kind of limping mode. Vag Com shoved 17956 Boost Pressure Regulation valve N75 failure. Replaced valve and when trying to make a test drive only P, R and N gears are working? Brake lights works and display shows correct gear, just shifter won't go to D or S. If forcing it reach D but it will not stay in and gear never engage. Reverse works just fine, thought?

    Can any electronic "lock" gears off? Vag Com still shows same valve error N75 but transmission is not showing any errors.

    Or can it be mechanical jamming on shifter side? How can test is the shifter stuck and can't move all the way?

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    It sounds like the shifter connection to the transmission maybe misadjusted/broken or there maybe something stuck in the shifter rails/guides. Do you have a full scan to post (VCDS/similar)?

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