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    Racer187 (buyer beware)

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    Purchased the A4 from the listing 2 weeks ago up in Lehigh Valley PA. He seemed like a nice enough guy, honest....but there were signs.

    First, when i show up i ask him why it looks like someone painted areas and he shrugs (i caught him selling paint on here last week). when the wax that he dumped on wore off, the truth came out about his "clean" car.

    Next, I am told this is a family car that was stock and cared for. in 1000 miles it has lost 2 quarts to the oil cooler leaking, exhaust leak, bad motor mount, torn DV, and a battery drain. From someone who drives semi trucks for a living, he knew damn well the issues with the car. I took his word (which is my fault) since my girlfriend was bitching and wanted to get home ASAP.

    Needless to say, anything you buy from him needs to be checked with caution, I was wondering why he was so flustered when the one notary was closed (he wanted it gone before problems became apparent)

    To Racer - You really thought after I've built 3 058 blocks I wouldn't find the gay "nothing leaves stock" sticker behind the front plate and all the mechanical issues you hid. Lastly, bilstein doesn't make springs you putz, that should have been the warning before i ever came up there.

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    Let me start by saying I just saw this and will reply once to your attack and never click on it again.

    1. The spray paint I sold was for the spot on the back bumper. It arrived the Wed. after you bought the car. If you think I have resprayed body panels with rattlecan and it came out
    that good then thank you. And I can't imagine what your trying to say when you state 'the wax that he dumped on wore off'.

    2. I never stated it was a family car. Our '99 w/Tiptronic was always our family car til we bought the Crosstrek. And yes the motor is completely stock. I'm sure you've figured that
    out by now. It was my daily until 2015 and used as a third car for the family.

    3. The oil cooler seal and o-ring were done at 105k.
    2 qts. in 2 weeks- sorry pal I need to call BS on you.

    4. Exhaust, motor mount and CV(?) torn? The car was just inspected at 115112 and you bought it at 1154xx.
    So you're saying all that got past the inspection station 300 miles ago? How hard are you on vehicles?

    5.You know exactly why I was sort of flustered. It was getting late on a Saturday and was going to become a difficult task to find an open notary.
    You weren't the only one coming to see the car that day and I had one scheduled for Sunday too.

    6. As far as the NLS decal - yes they have done work for me over the years on all my VWs and Audis. Whatever problem you have with Josh has no place here.

    7. Bilstein most certainly does make springs. Google is your friend. I was incorrect in my ad. My fault.

    I really wish you would have gotten with me about this before making all these false claims.
    I have sold multiple car, tires, wheels, seats and other parts on Audizine, CL and other sites for years without ANY issues.
    My reputation speaks for itself.



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