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    A5 Sportback - Powder coated wheels and plastidip grill

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    I bought a lightly used Audi A5 2018 , S-Line model with 18 inch, OEM silver 5 spoke wheels and the matte grey grill with chrome inserts. Never liked the silver .

    I did not want to spend the money on new 19 inch tires or wheels for now, which would put me back $2000+, nor on a new grille. Plus it seems like the after-market grilles have issues with fitment.

    I decided to go the powder coating route on the wheels, which cost $600. (Apex Motor Sports, Burr Ridge, Illinois)

    The same body shop was going to charge me $700 for blackening the stock grill and chrome inserts, which i thought was too pricey.

    Thus I decided to just try Plasti-dip on the grill for under $40 myself. I thought to myself that if it did not look good, i could always remove it.

    I am just posting some pics of my car with the finished paint-job, in case any one else was curious about doing the same and how it would look .

    For now I am ok with how it looks. Eventually i will get larger tires and more modern spoke wheels.

    I am a little torn about whether the grill looked better before blacking out, or after! ( some of the pics are with the grill before I plastidipped it, for comparison )

    I know its not as awesome as some other users cars pics on this forum, but at least its a less costly way of getting some-what of a black optics look. ( I prefer to not tint the windows or the side chrome, i think that will look too blacked out).
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