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    VCDS / Xtool VAG401 / obdeleven

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    I'm looking for more information on these systems to access and reprogram my Audi.

    VCDS / Xtool VAG401 / obdeleven

    Anyone have knowledge about what they can and cannot do?
    Pros and cons?

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    VCDS is a great option as you can log, code, calibrate, graph values etc. Fairly user friendly but its expensive and now they do this limited vin garbage that's now a trend

    X-tool can do nearly everything coding wise that VCDS can do but you really have to be a moderate to advanced user as there are no labels (no long coding helper) to help you out just the code numbers and you have to know what they mean. I have one but I don't really use it unless VCDS is giving me issues.

    Don't believe I've used OBD11 but I've heard its pretty user friendly to do coding only on VAG cars. I believe its pay per feature and you can only use their dongle
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    I have also been researching ODBEleven, VCDS, etc. Pretty sure I'm going to buy a more advanced system (instead of ODB11) because I want maximum features and am comfortable with the complexity. And I'm not a big fan of the ODB11 subscription/credit model.

    Related question, can any of these tools also provide real-time data -- temps, pressures, etc -- similar to gauges like this one from P3?


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