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    Exclamation Bad Experience: Looking for Audi to make it right

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    Over a week ago I was jacking the rear passenger side of my car using Audi's scissor jack. I was located in my garage on a level concrete floor. 3/4 ways up, before I could get a jack stand under it the scissor jack without warning failed. The car fell back down slamming part of the jack into my rocker panel. Scraping off the coating and denting it.

    Upon going to Burlington Audi in Massachusetts the service rep was extremely passive and really could careless. He didn't want to look at the damage or even see the failed jack. He hardly took the time to provide me with a card to his service manager(This was a Tuesday afternoon at like 1pm, place was empty)

    I called the manager twice, leaving a voicemail both times. A few days later I heard back from him, asked for a few photos to send to corporate. I sent the photos and never got back a response or any indication that he even received the photos.

    This was about a week ago, called back twice last week. The first time it rang until I heard someone pick it up and hang up. The second time calling the manager he never picked up.

    All I want them to do is give me a new jack and properly fix the rocker panel. Is that asking to much? What should I do to get this resolved?

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    Thank you for reaching out and providing all of this information on your experience, although I understand that it has been very disappointing thus far. I would like to perform a little bit more research on my end and reach out to the dealership as well. Do you mind providing me with all your contact information as well as your VIN through a PM? I do appreciate it as there may be an opportunity for Audi of America to assist in this matter.

    Thank you,
    Vincenzo F.

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    Sounds similar to recent failure on my 14 Rs7. Jack point failed on level ground with one wheel off the ground causing damage to front fender, rocker, and door.

    25years working on cars and I've never seen anything like this.

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    So Audi can't make Jack's??? Uggh my aching engine

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