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    Aftermarket Navigation/BU Camera?

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    Seriously looking into a aftermarket navi for my b8 Q5. Currently have the Concert. Anyone know of a decently priced, decently integrated system? Iíve seen RSNAV but trying to go a rod cheaper. Maybe a plug in Apple CarPlay?

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    The Alpine X701D-A4 is a direct replacement for the Audi A5 and Q5 head unit and has integrated nav and can be fitted with an Alpine backup camera. Check out this thread:

    It's been replaced by a newer model (X702D-A4).

    It is actually made for the European market but can be set up with North American navigation maps. It integrates seamlessly with the Audi CAN bus systems so you can monitor all of your car's functions in the same way that you can with the factory setup. I have the X701D-A4 in my 2014 A4 and it works great. I bought the add-on DVD player so I can play my CD collection. I also installed a USB extension cable with an SD card adapter so I can play music files. There's a USB port on the back of the unit. It also has a connector that allows you to add a harness with RCA jacks to install aftermarket amps so you can upgrade the rest of the system. Alpine makes an upgrade kit for the speakers and amp, but it's a bit pricey. Check out the threads I linked you to and see if it's something you'd be interested in. It's really the only aftermarket setup you can use with the A4 or Q5.


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