I had previous good experience with this seller, and had no hesitation to buy another item from him when he was parting out his allroad stuff. I bought the S6 alcantara headliner from him back in early December 2017. After a bit of waiting, I received a box of the smaller parts (pillar trim, visors, grab handles, most of the overhead lights) but not the big piece. After several exchanges of email and PMs here about delivery challenges due to the size, he went silent. After the prior positive buying experience, I stupidly sent to friends and family instead of paying the fees, but even if I did I am well beyond the recovery window for those funds anyway.

I sent an email requesting a partial refund, or negative feedback would be posted, and he promised the partial refund. However, it has been several weeks and of course no response and no refund. So if you see anything posted by 4rings2turbos or Thaddeus Devries from Illinois, buyer beware, and make sure to not send $$ without using the protections of PayPal.

No worries, I found another headliner to use with the rest of the stuff he did send, so I do have a complete setup, but too bad I had to shell out more $$ to fill the gap in his non-delivery.