I need some assistance from someone in the McKinney, TX area. I recently purchased an s4 thats being shipped to me in New Jersey on Monday. Problem is it came with an extra set of wheels. 2 wheels fit in the trunk, but 2 of the wheels are in the back seat. Unfortunately Im not comfortable with them riding on an open transport 1500 miles like that in the back seat. The interior of the car is too mint and Id like to keep it that way. :)

I was hoping to find a fellow enthusiast whod be willing to get the 2 wheels out of the back seat and drop them off at a ups store or something similar. Id obviously pay for shipping and would be willing to pay for your troubles.

The truck is picking it up on Monday 7/16 and I was hoping to have it done before then. The wheels dont have to be shipped by then - simply taken out of the car before transport.

Anyones help would be much appreciated!

PM me if you can help.

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