AC stopped working.
Have 150 psi on low and high side (so compressor not kicking in).
a) don't think low pressure switch is issue (first thing i normally do when compressor not kicking in is byhpass low pressure switch). But mine has 3 wire, not sure which pins to jump. Anyone has pin out or can advise which pins to short to bypass the switch?
b) want to check on compressor clutch if it gets 12V. Haven't found the connector yet; where is most convenient place to get to it? If more than 2 wire: which one should have 12V?
c) put external 12V on compressor clutch. Pinout (plus 12V, ground) for the clutch connector?
d) is there a fuse for the compressor clutch to check?

Any other suggestions how to go about troubleshooting the AC?

Car is 2006 A3 2.0T FWD DSG auto