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    RS4 Style Grill - Front Plate

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    For all my RS4 Style Grill guys, how have you guys affixed your front plate? I don't want to use the euro holder that came with it and I'm not really feeling the side hook mount. Right now, Im running w/o and do have a $65 ticket sitting around I need to pay (I'm in NY). I usually park private at home/work so it's really when I'm parked on the street I have to worry about. Right now, I'm basically tying it then cutting it when I drive. Any thoughts? Would prefer a solution like this, but with a less disposable option (like some type of fastener that'd I can take on & off (think maybe reusable zip tie)).

    Any Ideas?

    Here's some IG photos of my car taken on my buddy's account

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    I used the holder with mine, and then cut it down to fit my smaller plate 20180605_100953.jpeg

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