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    Turning chrome window trim to black?

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    Can anyone shed some light on this? I know its possible but not sure of the best quality or route to take - in the summer here it can be 95-105 for days on end and I'd like for it not to fade or have obvious brutal sun damage after a year..Is it just vinyl wrap? is it replaced entirely?

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    There is a trim tape from 3 m, Plastidip, or paint. Those are your 3 best options. The vinyl wrap would need to be professionally installed, unless you have prior experience with tint or some similar film. Trim tape is similarly difficult. The easiest application is matte black plasti-dip, then gloss if you are interested in that. Won't warp in the sun. Paint is a permanent solution if you want to go that route while the others are temporary/removable.

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    I just tried to plasti-dip mine but it did not work out too great. I think I would've been okay but my mistake was that I left the masking tape on overnight (being lazy) and the dip adhered to the tape too much. Needless to say when I when went to take the tape off, it lifted some of the dip off the trim too. I knew this would probably happen so I lightly ran a razor around the edge (didn't want to go too deep and scratch the paint) but it still lifted it. No issues on the inside edges around the window as you have a pretty good gap there and its easy to mask. Also the weather stripping on the quarter glass overlaps with the glass and trim in the corner so that was a bit tricky too.
    Not to scare you away from trying, after all this will be the cheapest and most forgiving method. Although masking the windows and mirrors off took me about 2 - 3 hours, so it sucked when I had to just pull it all back off. My main suggestion would be to pull the tape off as soon as you're done spraying.
    Other than that I would suggest vinyl if you're looking for a more long term option. A friend of mine just had is Chevy SS trim done and I think he said it was about the $300 to have someone do it at a local shop. Let us know how it turns out!


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