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Thread: 2005 b6 s4 mt6

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    2005 b6 s4 mt6

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    Going to list my light grey 2005 b6 s4 mt6 and wanted some input on what you think this car is worth. Its got a whopping 225,000 miles. Chains and tensioners were done at 200,000. It's got the piggie cats, and the previous owner put cut outs with the stock muffler so it's quiet when you want and loud on command. The car body is in pretty good shape, some dings and dents but overall good paint.

    The bad: high mileage, engine smokes on decel, sometimes very bad, sometimes no smoke at all. Needs front rotors and pads, has an oil leak from somewhere, but it leaves a puddle the size of a quarter every couple days. Stock Avus wheels are in need of a refinish. Front Window regulator cables grind going up or down, back ones are OK. The headlights do not adjust automatically (fault) one of the rear number plate lights is gone, fell out? Key fob does not work for remote locks, the switch blade part of the key is also broken, and the key stays open most of the time. IMAG1491.jpegIMAG1493.jpeg

    So the car is rough, but it drives great honestly! It was my first s4, I have since upgraded to a b7. All of these problems existed when I bought the car, though the previous owner did not disclose any of them. I found all this out as I drove it. I would just like to know what you think it's worth, and if I should sell it as is, part it out, or fix it a little to gain some value. I'm not going through the engine as the entire car is cheaper than a 4.2 rebuild. I will part it out if needed, but I'd like to open up that bay in my garage, so I'm serious about selling. My opinion is that the car runs and drives, I'm hoping for $3,500. I think it's fair. The problem is once I start parting it out, there's no going back, so that will be a last ditch effort.

    Please let me know what you think, but be kind. Worst case, I'll take it to the crusher and get $250 in scrap. I'm hoping someone wants a project car, and I will entertain all serious offers. I'm 33 with 2 kids, so this was not a street raced car, I bought it from a guy in his 40's who used it to commute from St Louis to Chicago every week, hence the miles. He did the piggies because of the engine bay heat, the cut outs for sound. That's it. I'd love to see this car go to someone who appreciates the b6 and has the time and money to bring it back to its original glory. If not.....squish...

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    Tough call. Body looks great, but the oil consumption rate sounds alarming. It might just be valve seals, but a lot of people arent going to invest the time. Once the 4.2 starts having issues, they become very difficult to sell. They are going really cheap around here, and something with that kind of mileage, I would probably say $2,500. $3,500 is definitely the starting point, but will take the right buyer and time. Having the body in such nice condition helps, whats the interior like?

    Part outs yield decent coin, but take up some serious space and requires patience in dealing with a bajillion A4 guys that want everything for cheap.

    Good luck with which ever direction you decide.
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    I think 3,500 is reasonable to ask, but it will probably take a while to find a buyer. So many are afraid of the 4.2 giving them problems that they wont consider ones without engine issues. Have you actually tried to do a diagnosis on the oil leak or on the smoke during decel? That may help a buyer feel better. Sounds like the rest of the stuff on her than needs fixing just comes with having an older car.

    If you happen to get to I need it gone and am going to crush it, let me know though. I could give you more than the junkers and would love to get this up and running again. Just dont have the money its probably worth.

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    Thanks for the responses, the interior is in good condition I may post some interior pics after I clean it up, the glove box hinge is broken and has been rigged to stay on, driver seat has normal wear and tear, but everything else is as it should be. I have done a compression check on all the cylinders, all were near 165, I think I had one a bit lower (148 if i recall), I understand that is kind of low, where as a new engine will be up around 180-200. They were all within reason of each other, I scoped the easy cylinders and did not see any major scoring or pitting, so it may be rings and valve guide seals. It doesn't use a drop of coolant, I believe the head gaskets are good. Truth be told I was looking for a black one, so right after I bough this one a black one showed up locally, I lost interest in the "silver" car, I had intentions of buying a used motor, rebuilding it and putting that in. However my wife told me I can only have 1, so I turned my attention to the black one instead. I'm in southern Illinois (Marion) if someone wants to stop by and shoot me an offer. I payed almost 6 for the car less than a year ago, I got had. I was also told it had the jhm tune (it doesn't) But I'm not salty about it, I love this car, even with all the issues. In fact if I could keep it I would. But as a father of 2 kids, 5 years old and 5 months old, I don't have the time or resources to invest in a project like this. I'm also getting rid of my truck to upgrade to a Tahoe if anyone knows of one. I'm picky about that though. But to end my rambling, I think I will list it at 3500 and if it doesn't sell I will consider a part out. At least then I can do it at my own pace. Worst case, I'll put up a post for one of you to come get it. I think I will at least put brakes on it before I sell it, they are trash. Thanks for your input guys!

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