Recently sold my RS5 and now getting ready to mod my C7 S6, so I have a few things to sell to a fellow AZer that I won't be needing anymore:

--Genuine European spec B8.5 A5/S5/RS5 Taillights including the Europrice sweep modules, $1550+shipping when new, asking $750 picked up, $800 shipped to your door in the lower 48.

Everything works perfectly, no scratches or pits, gaskets are still soft and spongy. Google the Europrice sweep videos and you can see how it looks, I loved its unique look as I always hated the huge blinking brake light we have to put up with on our NA cars. **Please note there is coding required when you go from NA to ROW, I can provide all of the coding to have them perform exactly like the oem ecode tails. I've fully decoded the taillights, so you can do any other configuration you want, just let me know.

I should also note that I have shaved the tab on the sweep module's male connector so it fits with our NA female connector, it is 100% plug (and code) and play. NOTHING needs to be modified on the car or the light itself. See the closeup pic below.

-- Genuine Red Start Button, never installed brand new. I think it fits other models as well? I paid $75 or so, asking $50 picked up, $55 shipped to lower 48.

-- Genuine Cargo Net, no tears, frayed edges, or stains. Asking $40 picked up, $45 shipped to lower 48.

I'm in the Bothell/Mill Creek area and will drive <=15mi to meet. Let me know if you have any questions. Cash or PayPal only, friend payment or you can cover the fee. PM for PayPal info! Thanks

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