Hi everyone, I've got an '08 a4 (4 cyl turbo fwd) that's been giving me odd shifting issues since I clipped an armadillo the other day (it went under the dead center of the car). I don't see any impact damage underneath but since the incident, my car has been seemingly randomly downshifting at times while in both drive, sport, and the manu-matic mode. This causes the car to engine brake quite abruptly and while it was just a nuisance before, today the car apparently shifted while stopped at a light, stalling out the car (just like in a manual but I was in automatic and drive at the time). Anyone have any ideas as to what to check for? I didn't see any engine codes and haven't seen any leaks on the weather shield. No smoke, smell or noise occurs. It's just shifting oddly? Thanks in advance for any help.