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    Question Windshield Replacement

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    My wonderful car that never seems to break down, now needs a new front windshield . A crack has appeared, that goes all the way across the passenger side and is definitely not repairable, which leads me to a few questions that I have...
    Would I be able to use a used windshield off of a car from a junkyard? (if there's no cracks or imperfections of course)
    Any idea how much it'd roughly cost to go new OEM windshield? (I can get it at wholesale cost)
    How are aftermarket windshields?

    My deductible, if I were to go through insurance, would be $500 so I'm hoping that I can do this for under $500.

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    You should be able to get something for well under $500. Closer to $200.

    Steer clear of PPG. Clicky click® Sekurit is a really good choice.
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    Easily doable under $500.
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    Should barely touch 400 for quality glass replacement, possibly oem.

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    "Thank you for your recent quote request with Cascade Auto Glass. Below is the vehicle information that you provided. Please review this information for accuracy. Also, please feel free to call us @ 800-320-5358 if you have any questions or there is anything we can do to help.

    Service Zip Code: 97211

    Quote Number: 32xxxx
    Vehicle Information: 2003 AUDI A4 4 Door Sedan

    Glass Quoted: Windshield (Solar)
    Cascade Auto Glass uses OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) quality windshields.
    Our installations are covered by our nationwide warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

    Please Note: If you carry full coverage insurance on this vehicle, your windshield is covered under the comprehensive portion of your policy. We may even be able to pay portion, if not all of, of your deductible, depending on the laws in your state (please call for details). We work with all insurance companies and will assist you in filing the claim.

    We can replace the windshield detailed above* for $350.39. (plus applicable sales tax) "

    Quote I just got.... My windshield just cracked after a solid rock hit.
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    Stay away from PGW windshields too. I have a crazy distortion around the basically whole border of my glass. I am not happy about it.
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    Ditto on being able to do this for under $500. A few years ago I had a windshield replaced out of pocket on my B5 and it was $200~ all said and done. They didn’t use OEM glass but I was a broke college kid at the time so I didn’t care.

    My dad went to safelite for his B7 Passat recently through his insurance and they assured him they’d use OEM glass, but the brand on the glass says Fu Yong or something obviously not OEM

    So do your best to insist on OEM glass because all the aftermarket stuff seems more prone to rock chips and subsequent cracks...
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    I've had windshields replaced by safelite. I think the glass cost to them, because the buy 10,000 at a time, is probably under $10?

    For my Audi I always ask for the Sekurit glass (OEM). It costs more to get the four rings embossed on the Sekurit glass, though.

    If the installer does a crap job or the glass looks too distorted after install, they will replace for free. Nowadays I take a peek at the glass before they install it; if it looks too wavy I'll just tell them to bring another piece of glass next time.

    I had several of mine paid through insurance, and they did try installing ppg or some other non-oem glass on occasion. After I complained they put in the four rings glass zero deductible.

    Call around for pricing; you should be able to get sekurit glass for $250 or so? If the installer shows up with 'something better than oem' send them back home!

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    Sekurit as well as Pilkington is oem audi glass.I had a pilkington windshield installed in NJ for $200.I avoid safelite at all costs.At least in my area they got some real amateurs working there in NJ.
    VW/Audi Immobilizer removal and immobilizer adapting solutions for any and all VAG Vehicles,Odometer matching, SKC/Pin retrieval services.Located in Northern NJ.For inquries pm for details.

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    Well, there *are* junkyards that sell windshield glass, though IDK what price and I never tried it.
    Hopefully they're in good condition and OEM, I suppose. Well taken care of without things like chips or lots of little scratches from being peppered over the years.
    And as for junkyards that have cars in general vs. specializing in glass only, maybe some of the cars have intact glass if they didn't end up totaled from hitting a deer there or whatever.
    In which case, IDK if it's possible to remove that, or how much it is. Such as if you use a wire rope razor blade thing, to saw/cut it out. But that's time-consuming labor.

    IDK if the glass formulations vary, and if anything changed over the years.

    I think windshields are safety glass, meaning 2 layers with some sort of glue sandwiched in between, that also blocks UV rays to protect the driver from sunburn, but not necessarily bright lights and glare.
    So a clear one might not cool the interior much, vs. solar

    not to mention the side tempered glass windows and whether they're tinted or not, and what type/quality of film.

    I think some people have had squeaking with some certain windshield companies, and ended up installing an Ultra Racing strut brace to stiffen the front end a bit, to prevent movement and squeaking. I'm not sure when this would occur, if it's over joints/transitions that put the car at unusual angles, such as driveway curbs.
    IDK if this is useless on some B6's such as sport ones, which already have that extra stock strut brace (metal bar) hidden behind the second "false firewall" (seems to make battery removal a bit harder)

    I heard there's also a choice in windshield sealant; that there's a good one slightly more expensive that you have to request, otherwise they won't use it to make money off the customer.
    Because if the customer is ignorant and doesn't know about it, maybe they'll charge them a standard rate while giving them the crappiest parts.
    They don't expect you to know your engine code or "care about that stuff" like the average person. You already know what Sekurit St. Gobain is, it's too late.

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