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    Coil issues code P0302

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    9982C82E-1DB9-46F0-9870-F9E0B3BFA7EE.jpgAF7464CC-9F7E-4F3D-965A-5A8E2D7C1874.jpgThis issues is with an early 1999 a4 quattro with the 1.8t. Iím fairly knowledgeable in the mechanical aspect. The car started running rough (missfiriing) after a FMic install. It was throwing code p0302. I swapped a known to be good coil with the ďproblematic one, and the issue didnít follow, but stayed with cyl 2. Now I know itís not the actual coil, Iíve already installed new plugs, checked the beginning of the coil connection and there seems to be no ferrying or exposed or melted wires. I was just going to replace the harness, but I canít find any after market replacements for my coils! My coil slots have 3 prongs, all the others Iíve seen have 4 for a different model year.

    Any ideas or help to rectify this issue and Iíll be truly greatfull.

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