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    Coil issues code P0302

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    9982C82E-1DB9-46F0-9870-F9E0B3BFA7EE.jpgAF7464CC-9F7E-4F3D-965A-5A8E2D7C1874.jpgThis issues is with an early 1999 a4 quattro with the 1.8t. Iím fairly knowledgeable in the mechanical aspect. The car started running rough (missfiriing) after a FMic install. It was throwing code p0302. I swapped a known to be good coil with the ďproblematic one, and the issue didnít follow, but stayed with cyl 2. Now I know itís not the actual coil, Iíve already installed new plugs, checked the beginning of the coil connection and there seems to be no ferrying or exposed or melted wires. I was just going to replace the harness, but I canít find any after market replacements for my coils! My coil slots have 3 prongs, all the others Iíve seen have 4 for a different model year.

    Any ideas or help to rectify this issue and Iíll be truly greatfull.

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    Iíd be happy to help with the harness, if you post here/send me the VIN Iíll send you the OE number.
    However before changing it, it seems like youíre guessing that this is the issue, or are you sure? Are you sure the compression/leak down, injector of cyl 2 are all ok? (I assume you tested with the new plugs and the code is still there)

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