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    In your opinion how much should one charge for 'stage 1' tunes?

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    I pictured learning tunerpro and nefmoto to create stuff mostly from scratch would've panned out better... 150$ is all I have gotten people to bite on, but isn't that a little on the cheap side. Hardly seems worth it to me at that point. I guess I mean it's not... So what would you pay for tuning out egts 02's boost up etc etc etc..

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    I think the price could go up as your reputation and demand goes up.

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    I know I paid cheap to have a tune from a very reputable tuner.

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    I would not pay anything to have someone code out EGTs and O2 sensors. Like you I have been on the Nefmoto site and seen the S4 tuning Wiki and know that it is a simple 10 minute procedure to code those things out.

    As for tuning a stock setup, I don't see much point to it for a K03 equipped car on gasoline, that is something that was tapped out over a decade ago. There are a plethora of company developed tunes that pop up on forum classifieds, and there's several free tunes available. For the person who doesn't want to do any work themselves, $150 is about the cost of a tuned ECU in the classifieds, it sounds reasonable that that amount is what they'd be willing to pay you as an alternative to just buying an ECU with the tune already done.
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    ^^^ That.

    Only so much can be tuned on a car with mostly stock components so it's pretty hard to sell yourself at a higher value for doing the same things that have been done for years and years.

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    Question is are you actually tuning or just flashing a file?


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