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    Fog Lights - B6 A4 vs B6 S4 - What's the difference?

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    So, picked up an S4 bumper for my A4...overall, bumper is in good shape. I did notice that the wiring to one of the fog lights was broken, and might not be recoverable. Unless i can find the proper connector for it and splice it in.

    I did consider just swapping over the harness from my A4 bumper, along with the fog lights (if needed). So, I went about looking up part numbers and what I found was that the part numbers for the A4 assemblies are:


    The part numbers for the S4 assemblies are:


    Now, on ECS Tuning, the A4 assemblies list the same part number with no revision letter as a prior revision, not so for the S4 assemblies.

    Also, the B assemblies are also listed as fitting the B7 A4, S4 and RS4.

    Looking at pictures, they look to be the same. Oh, and they apparently also use the same H11 bulb, as well, and as I think about it, since the harness plugs into the bulb assembly, the harness should be able to swap. I'll hopefully get around to pulling one of them off to compare them side by side, but until then, if anyone can shed any light as to whether there is really a difference...


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    Fog light housings are definantly different. You can use a4 fog housings on s4 bumper but you will not be able to install the fog grills. To my knowledge, at least on my 02, the plugs are the same, s4 fog lights plugged into my a4 harness. Iím running h11 halogen bulbs. A4, s4 and cabriolet each have different fog housings


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