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    07 A6 Weird electrical problems

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    Iíve searched numerous forums, posts, videos, everything. I recently purchased an 07 A6 and the car seemed awesome. Runs and drives like a champ. But now that Iíve had it a little while Iím starting to notice things wrong. In the 2nd week of ownership the MMI blacked out. Finally with a lot of bypassing I figured out it was the AM/FM tuner (kbox?) in the trunk. No water damage, just randomly quit and I still havenít had time to replace it. Also I have memory seats/power tilt-telescoping steering wheel. My seat never easy-exits and my wheel will only go in and out (when pushing the button, never moves with easy exit like itís supposed to). It will not go up/down at all. Another problem is ALL interior lighting. None of it will work if the car is switched on. Once you turn the car off, after about 5 minutes, all lights start working again. Put the key in and again no lights. It affects everything including dome, ambient, map lights, glove box, vanity mirrors, and trunk. All exterior lighting (seems) to be working fine! Aside from my adaptive headlights having a service message. Lastly (that I can think of) anytime I click unlock, via remote or door switch, my gas cap pops open!! It does nothing when the actual gas cap switch on driver door is pressed. On works with unlock buttons. But it opens every single time the car is unlocked.... Iím very new to Audi and Iím sorry if any of this wasnít posted wrong or what have you. Any help GREATLY appreciated. I also ordered the Carista OBDII module and it will be here Tuesday, but aside from that I have yet to find anywhere that can do VCDS scanning or programming. Anyone local to Pensacola, Florida? Thanks for everyoneís time!

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    Here are my two guesses. The battery might be bad and may be causing all of this weird activity. Secondly, and more likely, you probably have a lot of fault codes stored that need to be cleared. It will need to be done with a VAG tool. Not familiar with the Carista OBDII but when you get it, find and clear all current fault codes (if it has that capability). I think that will fix some of your issues.

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