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    Mechatronics Unit = Fail

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    Hey guys - wanted to say greetings from Toronto!

    Just a heads up as miles are starting to add up on our B9's.

    Currently have 40k km's roughly 25k miles. 80% highway cruising.

    My car experienced very snappy/harsh off the line starts and shifts in low gears.

    Took it in and after 4 days of dealing with Audi tech line it was decided that the mechatronics unit was at fault and has been ordered from Germany.

    Wish me luck - hopefully it's a one off and not going to be a common problem.

    Will update this once issue is "fixed"

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    yikes .... bad luck..

    my cars at 51k km, in toronto, 90% highway, and still going strong but yes in for updates!
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    I'm at roughly 85,600 km. Only experienced the harshness a couple of times early on but not in the last 40,000 km. Usually it lasted a day or two and then completely disappeared. Hopefully it is an isolated incident.

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