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    Question A5 coupe rear speaker grille rattle with music

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    Anyone had any luck getting the dealer to install felt tape or any other corrective action to address the pretty offensive rattle coming from the rear deck speaker grilles (in the parcel shelf) on the A5/S5 coupe? Even at moderate volume, any strong bass will trigger a massive rattle. I'm sure others have experienced it.

    On my 2012 A5 (with B&O), I got the dealer to reduce the issue with some felt tape. Now have a 2018 with B&O.
    2018 A5 Coupe Prestige

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    While not in the same location, I had a fairly bad rattle in both front doors when playing music with a medium amount of bass. Mentioned it during first service and they spent the better part of a day disassembling and felt taping the heck out of contact points. All documented on the service appointment paperwork. Much much better now. I was nice about it, just said that I really love the car but am dissapointed with the B&O system due to sound quality and rattles. They then asked where and when does it rattle etc. Mentioned seems both front doors in speaker vicinity at medium volume.


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