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    Cold B5 S4 Transmission Issues

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    Forgive me if this has already been addressed but I've been coming up empty searching the web and other forums...

    On a cold start (70* garage) my manual trans B5 won't go into any gear until the car warms up for about 10-15 minutes, and even then 1st is a crap shoot. Even really pushing on the shifter with the clutch fully depressed, it's like trying to push through a wall. I can shift through all 6 gears and reverse when the car is off and the car shifts fine once it's up to temperature. I've also tried starting the car in gear which works until I have to shift into the next gear. Starting up after sitting out in 95*+ weather all morning made a noticeable difference and this all seems to be heat related.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? I'm going to be trying a transmission fluid replacement soon since I have no idea what was in there when I bought it and if it's even filled 100%. Any help would be greatly appreciated (and will save me hundreds in troubleshooting).

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    Sounds like your clutch isn't fully releasing.


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