Hey all!
One of our cars (-95 A6 avant quatro 2.6) insists that all (4) SRS / airbag "ignitors / cables" intermittent have "too low resistance"!
(I have checked with VCDS and autocom)
i can reset the codes, but they will be back I a short time (a week or so).
That all 4 at the same time would be short-circuited and also intermittent (not all the time/only sometimes) and allso at the same time, don’t “feel” right is not as they have separate cables.
Common for all 4 is the srs/airbag module itself and a "relay for lamp" (if I read the electric circuit correctly)?
But then again, if I knew I had fixed it already..
And where are the srs / airbag unit and relay to be found on the car?
or what have i missed?
- It seems to be Electric gismos all over this car...