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    Kamikaze Zipang Coat (self healing)

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    Well, guys/gals, I have a 2016 Moonlight Blue Metallic Audi S6 that I take care of myself. It has been many years since I was a pro-detailer, but I keep my skills and knowledge up a bit in the realm. I just finished up a Myabi coat on my Audi and it looks FANTASTIC!!! The reason I only went one coat on it is that Kamikaze has been kind enough to introduce a coating with self healing characteristics. Now, the front end of my S6 is covered in X-Pel Ultimate. My front facia, hood, and both fenders are 100% covered and that material has self healing ability. I have not used it with the Audi, but I did use it on my Z06 Vette. I 150 mph hit of some sort left a nice scratch in the material on the hood and nearly boiling water and sitting in the sun has left that mark nearly un-locatable. Not sure how KamiKaze Zipang is going to do in this realm, but my S6 is going this route. Anyone in the Larkspur, CO area looking for a pro detail, PM me. I am not going into business, but I will certainly detail interesting vehicle at my random schedule time permits. I do less than coating after the paint correction(my real passion), but we can discuss any of that. Cars wanting coating need to sit in my garage for several days to get basic cure times realized before heading home.

    Zipang is on e the way. First bottle is reserved for my S6, but next bottles are for ?????

    Looking forward to meeting a few detail oriented individuals like me soon!


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    I can vouch for the miyabi coating.
    Iíve just did a black Range Rover last week and I had enough to do the recommended two coats.
    Exceptional coating. Iíll be ordering more along with the ISM coating for those who want to go extreme in glossiness and shine.
    Great stuff. Iím glad you liked it!


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