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    2014 Q5 - any way to get Android Auto?

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    Recently used a car with Android Auto and had absolute major jealousy. Would love to find a way I could better use android auto in my car!

    1. Get a dash mount and just use my phone up above the MMI screen more often. It could work, but isn't ideal with a cable sticking out the side and the smaller screen.

    2. Get a cheap-but-decent android tablet and use it for android auto - maybe even wifi to my phone hotspot, but that wouldn't be ideal because it wouldn't have things like my spotify/podcasts downloaded. Would be a more "permanent" solution and a bigger screen

    Is there any retrofit/other type of integration option? I've got the MMI plus w/ navigation option.

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    Look into xcarlink, there is also a guy in the B8 forums (I believe you are on B8.5 Chassis and electronics should be same?) who successfully installed an android tablet permanently and integrated it with the car.
    Looking for someone for a quick photoshop request PM me if you can help with a quick job

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    I just did one in a Q5. If you have the concert radio you must have an external remote. The symphony radio do not requre an external remote but I do not have them ready for sale yet since many Q5 have the radio in the trunk. They are still in testing. - iPod iPhone & Aux Specialists - Radio Replacement Specialists


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