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    California Secret Driving Road

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    Browsing through Jalopnik and stumbled upon this article. Looks like a fantastic place to cruise.

    As a well-traveled car enthusiast I thought Iíd heard of all the greatest roads in North America. Iíd driven the Tail of the Dragon and Highway 1. I used to live next to Skyline Drive. It turns out there was a better road, but it was just a secret.

    In this episode of Jalopnik Investigates we look at California State Route 33, an orgasmic stretch of road that starts in Ojai and terminates in the middle of nowhere.

    While some Californians and fans of Matt Farah have seen bits of and pieces of the road in videos, it generally doesnít get mentioned when people talk about the greatest roads. In my experience, itís the best place you can drive in North America.

    Thereís the perfect mix of elevation, scenery, turns, and pacing that make it exciting to drive in both directions. During the week itís also fairly empty with only limited law enforcement.

    Whatís better than that?

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    So i can say that yes this is one of the best roads that i have ever driven,if anyone is familiar with Angelest crest or highway 74 its bothe those rds combined,without the traffic.I am very fortunate that its litteralu in my backyard.Warning if you see a white 930 please dont even try to keep up.Haha

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