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    First Audi! A4 or S3?

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    Hey folks,

    I am new to Audi. A few of the guys at work have convinced me of how great these cars are and after driving their cars and doing over a month's worth of contant reading and youtube videos I have decided to join the family. I am looking at a preowned Audi and have found a 2015 A4 with tech and B&O system with 22k miles and a 2015 S3 without B&O or the magride with 41k miles and was wondering if anyone could help me on deciding. It will be a daily driver and I don't usually have many passengers which is why I am ok with the size of the S3. The S3 seems like a beast and I love the specs and look of it, but the A4 is an elegant machine as well. They are both around the same price ( $25k ). Any advice? Thanks in advance. Oh, and btw neither were in an accident or anything.

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    As a personal choice I really like the S3, but you can't really go wrong between the two (A4 or S3)

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    The S3 will be more fun but it has almost double the miles of the A4 and that's always worth considering. The previous owner may have taken good care of the S3 but its likely they frequently drove it in a spirited fashion, issues may come up sooner than they will with a car which has half the miles.The A4 will be considerably more comfortable and there's always the option of eventually adding a tune & other performance mods to bring it up to the fun you'll have with the S3. The B&O is a BIG plus, once you live with it for a while, you'll never want to settle for a lesser stereo.
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