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    Tire rack questions for 2013 Audi S6

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    Currently have the 20 " OEM rims on my S6. Was looking at tire rack to see what options are available that would clear the front calipers.

    They have the Advanti DST Hybris wheels available - 19x 8.5, offset 35, weight 21 lbs. Anyone have any experience with these? They look very similar to other designs out there, are hub centric, inexpensive, and most of all light.

    They also have a 19 x 9.5 offset 45, that I was hoping to match w 265/35/19 Firestone Indy 500 tires

    I called Tire Rack and they said that 19 x 9.5 would not clear the large front Audi S6 brakes, however I also called Advanti and they said it would clear although it would be "aggressive"

    Questions for TR or others:
    1. Could I order the 19x9.5/offset 45? Aggressive is OK with me, just trying to get the wheels close to flush
    2. Firestone Indy 500 tires - any way to check what date they were made? I have heard from Discount Tire that the only ones available were made 3 years ago and they do not recommend that old of a tire to purchase.
    3. 265/35/19 OK for tire size? OEM is 255/40/19.

    Thank you!

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    A 1" wider wheel than stock at the same offset, plus a 10mm wider tire will equal a setup that is about 3/4" wider on each half of the wheel. You'll need to do a lock-to-lock test to see if you have enough suspension clearance in the inside, fender clearance on the outside, and be able to turn both wheels lock to lock and still have nothing rub. I can't promise a 9.5 wheel intended for the rear will fit up front, with a wider tire than stock, and still not rub under cornering and/or suspension travel.
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