Hey guys,
I acquired these for my brother who was thinking of collecting parts for a project— he ended up buying a truck so these are up for grabs now :) everything is in great shape with plenty of life— rotors and pads have plenty of life on them, calipers are in nice shape, and the lines are good too. The kit also comes with the stasis mounting adapters so they’ll be bolt on affairs. Alcon no longer makes the kit, but they do produce the rings and pads for replacement down the line :) The rotors are genuine 2 piece rotors and are bigger than my Rs6 brakes at 370mm! They bolt up to any b5/b6/b7 A4/S4/RS4. In you’re interested in the kit, just contact me via pm or at 6472007339. As usual, I ship anywhere and I accept PayPal at Vishnuwilliams@gmail.com

Looking for 1650 shipped to your door :)

Here’s a link for more info :)



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