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    RS5 vs Ultracharged S4

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    Hi all. I'm not sure if there's already a forum about this but I couldn't find it. I'm looking to upgrade after college up from my a4 to something more serious. I'm trying to decide between an s4 around 2015 that I would take and ultracharge with the whole APR system or at an rs5 from around 2013. I currently drive a manual and definitely am drawn to the s4 for that aspect but I just love the lines of the rs5. I'm just looking for an opinion of someone who has experience with either of these so I can help sort out what I want to do. Im sure the rs5 will be more reliable as it's less modded but which car would be more enjoyable but have no first-hand experience. What advice do you all have to offer

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    Normally I'm a big fan of the RS, but in this case the lack of manual availability and your altitude (especially) would have me leaning towards the S4. The RS isn't particularly fast to begin with and at 6,000 ft it's down a significant number of ponies. Of course, altitude affects the 3.0T too, but the lack of air density can be compensated for somewhat with a forced-induction engine.


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