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    Parting out 2007 Daytona Grey RS4

    As the title states I am parting out a 2007 Daytona grey B7 RS4. The car was hit from behind so some of the parts in the rear are unavailable, but aside from that the car is in good shape. When it was hit it was owned by thomasskull666 here on the board, I messaged him and he confirmed he just had a carbon clean done 5k before the accident.

    Edit: Not sure why I put Dolphin grey in the title, it's Daytona grey.

    Details on the car:
    - Black leather interior
    - Daytona grey exterior
    - Carbon belt trim
    - 116,000 miles
    - Navi
    - Located in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

    The front clip from the car is not available, this includes front bumper, grill, hood, fenders, headlights and rad support, as well as the steering wheel and air bags. Aside from that all parts are available at this point.

    Some prices for a few of the larger items
    - 4.2 V8 with 116,000 miles - $8,000
    - 6 speed Transmission - $2,500
    - Front calipers, rotors, pads and lines - $1,700
    - Rear calipers, rotors, pads and lines - $650
    - RS4 Pedals - $100
    - Deadpedal - $100
    - NAVI Head unit - $400
    - Headliner swap - $700
    - Arm rest with working latch and lid - $100
    - Shift Knob - $100
    - Steering wheel - $150
    - Cluster - $400
    - Wheels and tires - $1,200
    - Glovebox - $150
    - RS4 Front fenders with some damage on them - $500 for the pair
    - RS4 Hood with damage - $500

    Sold Items
    - Front and rear seats
    - Front and rear sway bars
    - Carbon belt trim
    - Mirrors
    - RS4 door kick plates
    - Interior door pulls
    - Center console
    - Ebrake assembly

    Let me know what else you're looking for via pm and I can send you a price and shipping if you toss me your zip.

    Some pictures:

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