I previously had a e46 bmw 330xi that had I had dropped on koni sport yellows with H&R springs and a thicker rear sway. It was basically the perfect drop for me but the ride was a bit firm. Even on the softest settings it was just a touch harder than the stock S4 suspension. I strongly suspect that the XI wasn't really engineered to handle any kind of a drop well though, as it would shred the axle boots (known issue) because of the different angle and gave me enough camber that I was always wearing out the inside of my tires, even after alignments.

That said, I'd love a modest drop on the S4 but I really don't want to have to deal with any extra hassle as a result. I'm just wondering if the suspension options for the S4 play any nicer. Is it possible to easily dial in stock camber and are there any other known weak points that fail sooner as a result of a less extreme drop in this car?