I'm pricing out Michelin tires right now for the RS5. I've been thinking of using the older Super Sport, 285/30/20's, in the K1 specification which is for the rears on a Ferrari. It's 24 pounds.

The latest is obviously the Pilot Sport 4S which is 28 pounds in the same size. Now supposedly it offers more even wear, better braking, and better wet weather performance. I've used the Super Sport in the past and never found them lacking. They did increase in noise level with wear but that's to be expected. I was very happy with them.

I'm just thinking four pounds per corner is fairly substantial and it's rotating mass. But the 4S, supposedly better all the way around. My only hesitation with the Super Sport K1 is that it's designed for a lighter car. Yes, they're the rears on the Ferrari and that's where the engine sits but I'd be using them on all four. Also not sure if it has the same, seemingly compliant sidewall as the regular Super Sport. Next to the outright grip of the Super Sport, the compliance was was I found to be most appealing.

Anyone gone from the SS to the S4?