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    AC not working after Timing Chain rebuild

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    After I pulled the engine and transmission to replace and update the timing components, and basically rebuild the whole engine, my AC hasnít worked since. Refrigerant and all fluids are correct, but it still doesnít blow cold air.

    Anyone else run into this problem? Advice? Thanks for your feedback!

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    Forgot this: car is a 2004 S4, 6MT

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    Did you reconnect the condenser refrigerant pressure switch? It may have gone bad regardless. Or if you had removed the fans, one may not be working.
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    is the ECON light on? if it is can you turn it off? if you cant turn it off check the fuse for it.
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    Did you replace the drier while you were at it?
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    Check HVAC module using vagcom for fault codes. Then go to your measuring values and check shutoff criteria for the compressor. From there you should hook up a manifold gauge and check high and low pressure.

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