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    Power Steering Hose Leak - B8 S5 Drive Select

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    Hi guys, I just bought a B8 S5 and it looks like Ive got some leaking from the power steering hose (pressure not return) to the rack. Thereís sludge around my hose at the connection, but fluid level is ok. Iíd rather fix the problem before it gets worse and flush. My question is, is the only fix for this replacing the hose or can I do something else to fix the leak at that spot? The hose itself I donít believe to be leaking. Iíve also been unable to find a DIY for this hose. I know the B8s had quite a few issues with the A4 and this hose, though I could let confirm if it also was an issue for the B8s S models with drive select. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Able to tighten the connection at all? Might be a little loose.
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    I replaced my power steering hard line that cracked a few months ago and when I did I also replaced the O-ring you can order it on amazon for $15. Just copy and paste "Mercedes (00-13) A/C O-Ring Expansion Valve 13.7x 2.5mm r171 w216 w220 w230" this is the O-ring I used on my 2011 S4.
    I think its 2 or 3 bolts that hold it in, use a flat tip to put it off. It will take some force to pop the hard line out but just work your way around it from side to side. Cut the old O-ring off, use some off the new power steering fluid as lubricant to slide the new O-ring on. I don't know the torque spec on the bolts, good and tight worked for me. You will also need about 20 ounces, you might be able to get away with 12 ounces.


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