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    Perfect looking stock wheels...

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    Mine are not perfect looking. I had them refinished by a place in San Jose that painted them and the paint is now horribly chipped and getting worse.

    I want my wheels to look good again, AND be durable (I have yet to ever curb a wheel, so not sure how this is happening).

    Anyone powder coated the stock wheels to look close to stock?

    I am not opposed to paint, but this last attempt didn't last long...

    Any thoughts and pictures are welcome.

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    Not much help but I would imagine it would be easier to match titanium color than the standard silver. Im guessing "hyper silver" would be rather close - could be excuse to do a titanium conversion :)

    I've had experience on previous cars with powder coating and couldn't be happier though with that direction

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    What type of shop repainted the wheels? Most of the high end shops I've seen take the same steps they do when painting a car and it should be just as durable. I'm not sure about the other brands but BBS's are painted and then coated in a clear.

    Could also look into some of the ceramic coatings but that won't help if the surface it's bonded to (paint) is flaking off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyRS View Post
    Anyone powder coated the stock wheels to look close to stock?
    Be careful with powder-coating aluminium. Heating a metal above 30-40% of it's melting-point temperature will re-crystallise it's micro structure, causing a huge deficit in strength and durability of the metal. With aluminium the re-crystallisation would start at about 200C (392F).

    Because of this, most high-end manufacturers that produce flow-formed aluminium/magnesium rims only paint them and strictly avoid powder-coating.
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    I had my OEM wheels powdercoated silver, as my OEM finish was beginning to peel. Ran me around $800 about 4 years ago. No issues. Pics are from a few days ago.

    Front Left:

    Rear left:
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