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Thread: Loaner A4

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    Loaner A4

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    I'm in a brand new A4 while my b8 S4 is in the shop.

    Things that stick-out:

    The entertainment unit is way "clunkier" to use than the older version. It's way too redundant, and there are 100 different ways of doing the same thing with all different buttons.

    The digital dash is cool, but it would be way cooler if they also eliminated the stupid "glued on Ipad" screen in the center. . . That thing doesn't do anything that can't be done in the dash, and its really ugly too. Once again - redundancy is unnecessary when there are literally 50 different types of buttons. With the digital Dash Audi totally could have done something minimalistic like the Tesla Model 3 an gotten away with it - maybe some physical buttons for climate etc as those are still quite nice, but the second screen is just poorly executed.

    The car is REALLY quiet. 85 mph on I95 today and I had NO IDEA. Shoulda taken my radar detector out of the S4 lol. It's amazing how quiet it really is.

    It's pretty fast for what it is too - its not APR and upgraded pulley's fast, but for the non-performance model I am definitely impressed.

    I still hate the shifter - the "P" button is just asking for an accident.

    The brakes are quite in your face/not linear. I was really surpised the first time I gave em like 15% pressure and the car came slamming to a halt.

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    I agree with you on most of that--the loaner A5 I had was very quick (surprised me). The center screen part always bothered me. screens seemed to flow about the same as my C7.5 but I did not use all the functionality. I didn't play much with the digital dash but I love the feature and wish I had it. And ya know, track changing buttons on the steering wheel
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    first world problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by JavikoA4 View Post
    first world problems


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