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    Most Restrictive Part of the B9 RS5 Exhaust?

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    I've seen numerous folks on here posting the center resonator delete on the B9 S5 & A5, but leaving their OEM rear mufflers intact.
    Does that mean that the center resonator/muffler is the most restrictive portion of the exhaust system overall?

    The RS5 sport exhaust has a little bit different setup with the 2 separate downpipes/resonators and cats collecting into 1 larger pipe
    before the center resonator, and separating back into 2 separate pipes to the rear mufflers.

    Given the experience several have seen on past models and current S5, would taking out the center section of the Audi Sport exhaust
    (where it is single merged pipe) and doing an X-pipe instead with 2 pipes all the way be the best bang for the buck to let the beast breathe easier?

    That center section looks like a goof!!

    I saw this RS5 video which had only done a center resonator delete and it posted up an incredible time of 11.667s in the 1/4...
    ....and sounds good.....

    I'm not looking to spend thousands on a completely new exhaust, just looking for better sound without alot of cruising drone, and want it to breathe better for improved
    performance when I modify the air filter and install a tune later.

    Opening the dialogue to the forum for insight and suggestions...............

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    The cats are the most restrictive part.
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