So my engine started to make some strange noises the other day, i thought it was the flexi pipe after the turbo that was the problem but after welding in a new flexi this seemed to no cure any problem. Car feels like its a 30hp car, and not 130hp. Rough idle, and it seems to have a loud noise coming out of the air filter box.

I have taken of the top cover and inspected the internals, and i can't seem to find any wear on the cam lobes or any other strange under the cover. Car starts fine, as it always have. I thought maybe the catalyst was going bad, and giving huge backpressure, so i knocked out the internals:p I have run VCDS, and only thing it showed as fault was turbo charge control negative or something like that. Cleared it, ran the car and it didnt come back. Inspected the vacuum hoses and no one has leaks.

I have attached the video i made today when the car was doing a VCDS 01-Engine / 011 test of the charge control unit @ 1400rpm / on-off boost.

What can this be?