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    Have to replace all 4 tires?

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    Have a '14 A4 2.0T Quattro with 19" peelers which I put on back in March

    Washed it this AM and noticed a slight sidewall bubble on the driver's front left tire

    What's the risk of driving with a slight sidewall bubble?

    I've heard in the past that if one tire on a Quattro needs to be replaced, all tires should be replaced. I know that one option is to have the new tire shaved to match the remaining 3 but is it required to replace all 4 at once? I'm guessing that these tires have around 12,000 mi or so.

    Thanks in advance for your input

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    You can find a similar tire, and take it to a shop and have it shaved to match the other tires.

    i've been directly told (lied to) by the local Goodyear tire shop that it's illegal to shave tires in California. Doing some research, I found this is not true, but it is commonly believed by tires shop sales folk. I found a shop that shaves tires locally (in Castro Valley, CA in the Bay Area) and Tire Rack will do it for you as well if you buy a single tire.


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